Some Facts About MSC



MSC strives to achieve Peening Solutions for an ever changing industry. Our Proprietary Robotic Peening machine is at the forefront of technology delivering superior results to the Aerospace industry.


MSC’s commitment to Quality is measured against the best in the market. Quality and Service are the benchmark of our lasting success.


Metal Spray Concepts’ owner has been in the shot peening arena for over 35 years. Our expertise, problem solving capabilities, and understanding of the complexities of shot peening different metals makes MSC a smart choice.

Why Choose Us?

We have the experience and techniques to offer our customers best pricing and superior quality to ensure the highest standards for all customers requirements.


MSC Trucking operates as an extension of MSC. Our trucks serve the transportation needs of our customers, specializing in time sensitive freight. Contact us for your shipping needs.


MSC’s Robotic Peening machine is computer driven to achieve the best possible coverage for your part. MSC strives to continually modernize our equipment. The ability to customize keeps MSC at the cutting edge of the Aerospace industry.